Ann Kissane Engelhart | Liza Pruitt

Ann Kissane Engelhart

For Ann, watercolor is the medium that best expresses what she finds most interesting and challenging as a painter. It has an immediacy that engages the artist in a constant struggle to balance spontaneity and control. The living or active quality of the water lends itself to the delicate layering of washes that describe the folds in a linen cloth or the soft blush of a child's face, contrasted with aggressive texturing of the dry brush in a birds nest or a decaying autumn leaf.
The effect of light on everyday objects and the simple beauty found in nature inspires Ann’s paintings. Her work reflects a spirituality that has enriched her creativity and lead her to produce art that celebrates the beauty of faith.
Ann has illustrated 7 children’s books. She is available for presentations and book signings for your school, church or organization. Her editorial illustrations are regularly published in America Magazine
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