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ANNE WALKER - Liza Pruitt


Anne Walker, a Baltimore, Maryland native, developed her love of the natural landscape from her childhood spent outdoors on her family’s Long Island Farm, where she explored nature and wildlife in the surrounding fields, streams, and woods.  

In her painting Walker explores the concept and experience of place by spending time in the same settings during varying times of day and seasons of the year, responding to them through her small-scale oil, pastel, and watercolor paintings.  In the studio she develops large-scale oil paintings in which she re-creates her response, reinterprets her relationship to the place, and examines qualities of oil paint, color, texture, surface, and varying effects of natural light. The landscape also serves as a narrative presence to explore the artist’s relationships and personal spirituality. 

Walker, a 1987 graduate of the Notre Dame of Maryland University, BA Studio Art, and a 2006 Graduate of MICA, MFA Painting, taught art and design at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson, Maryland for twenty-four years.  She recently relocated to Richmond to be close to family and pursue painting full-time. She is exploring new landscapes and places to expand her art beyond the familiar.