Augusta is a southern-based abstract painter who has a BFA in painting from the University of Georgia and a MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta. While classically trained, she is renowned for creating inventive yet approachable abstract paintings that embrace color and intuitive mark-making. Her work is thoughtfully designed so that the painting grows with the viewer for years to come, allowing them to not just appreciate what it looks like in their setting, but find different pockets of excitement every time they admire it. 

Augusta currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Ed, and their two young sons, Oscar and Ian. When she’s not painting, Augusta enjoys teaching virtual abstract painting classes for adults. You can find her paintings throughout the United States. 

 About My Work: 

I am interested in art that is both accessible and thought provoking. My paintings play with connections—what it means to have a clear path, and adversely what it feels like to forgo the path and discover your surroundings. Adventurous color palettes, a variety of layers, and imaginative mark-making are my tools of choice to create pieces that allow for each viewer to discover something for themselves.  

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