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CAMILLA MOSS | Liza Pruitt


Family and art are my passions, the latter of which did not present itself until later in life. After a career as a CPA was brought to an abrupt stop with the birth of my youngest, I picked up a paint brush and began painting as an outlet to express my love of family, faith, and friends.

I find inspiration in God’s works all around us. I love creating from scratch and working with clients to develop custom artwork that speaks to them and compliments their design and style goals. My art career began with watercolor although I enjoy exploring other mediums including acrylics. My works include custom paintings of watercolor monograms, to architecture and nature. Regardless of the medium, my end goal is always the same: to create classic, custom art that will forever be a part of a family’s home and heart.

My husband, Walker and I live in Birmingham, Alabama with our three children! I am grateful for their love and support!

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