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Contemporary artist Courtney Khail lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Khail received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Scientific Illustration from The University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd School of Art. Working primarily with watercolors and ink, Khail’s work explores her fascination with the metaphorical talents of flowers-specifically their ability to capture and reflect the complexities and juxtapositions present within each of us. Greatly influenced by her scientific illustration background, Khail combines intricate, expressive line work with abstracted color and forms to create vibrant paintings that blur the line between the natural and the man made.

Her work is about being vulnerable, but not weak; strong, but not cold; empowered, yet cautious. It’s about breaking free from societal restraints and having the courage to be yourself, even if (or especially if) it’s difficult- and then celebrating that person.

Photography Credit: Angie Webb Creative

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