I've been artistic for as long as I can remember. I grew up surrounded by not only creative, but strong and independent women. It wasn't until the end of 2016, after much encouragement from my husband and close friends, that I threw my artwork into the abyss of social media to see what would happen. For those that do not know it, this was a huge step forward for me -- a self proclaimed "professional introvert." I was overwhelmed by the feedback that I received in such a short time and have since made a commitment to myself to see where this journey will take me. I humbly thank my Creator for this new adventure and am grateful for all of the love and support that surrounds me. As for those strong women referenced above, I owe them for being a guiding force in my creativity from a very young age. I am branding myself using my full name as a way to thank my grandmother, the original "Emily Anne," whom I miss dearly. I deeply hope to inspire my daughter, Emma, just as those women have done for me.

My work is inspired by different color relationships that I encounter, odd shapes, lines, and negative space. I’m looking for balance and harmony, without appearing too planned. At my most basic goal, I just want to add happiness to a space through art! My current focus is on very gestural, expressive strokes. I work mainly in acrylic, with gouache, soft/oil pastel and oil stick.

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