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Erin Tice



Abstract art wasn't something I ever intended to do; in fact, I only picked up a paint brush (aside from standard elementary school art class stuff) in 2018.

After the birth of my second son George, I took some time off from my corporate job in PR and decided to focus on my babies. They are 20 months apart, both boys, and both BUSY (mamas of know what I'm talking about!). Mom life filled my heart in so many wonderful ways but I started itching for a creative outlet and made a run to my local art supply store.

As someone who is very interested in interior design, I have always had such admiration for the way a beautiful piece of art can give life to a space. I especially love traditional/old school design and am in awe of how a contemporary piece can turn a traditional room on its head. I started painting in my back guest house - partly as a quick escape from my crazy household, but partly as a therapeutic release. An hour here or there turned into a full-fledged passion and I have been painting and refining my style ever since. 

I love the quiet nature of painting and rarely even listen to music or watch TV while I'm working...I mostly rely on my imagination and the thoughts in my head to help lead the brush where it needs to go. I also find inspiration in my every day life: a friend's fabulous dress, or scouring design blogs or drawing on memories from a trip abroad or to the beach.