Hannah Barganier - Liza Pruitt

Hannah Lee Barganier

Hannah Lee Barganier is a visual artist based in Atlanta, GA. She has been creating fine art for private collectors for over 15 years with many of her pieces seeking to illustrate concepts inherent in the materials used for the piece. 

From the Artist:

I make art because I see things in my mind that I want to see in the real world. I need art because the process is meditation, allowing me to move through hesitation and doubt. It becomes an exercise in trusting myself, endeavoring to create something the viewer studies; discovering more detail and meaning the longer they view it. I want their own personal observations and impressions to evoke a feeling. I want a quick glance to bring joy and a longer gaze to bring discovery.

Color is a key part of my process. Each piece begins with exploring how different values, shades and pigments interact with one another. It is color that drives the scale, the composition and the materials I use. However it is the materials that drive the overall vision. The origin of the materials I use sometimes remain personal and other times they become the core concept of a piece. I gather unconventional materials from my everyday life. Sometimes these are remnants of my own consumerism, saved materials from meaningful moments or ephemera acquired while traveling. Each element comes with its own story and significance to be individually interpreted by the viewer.

"I want a quick glance to bring joy and a longer gaze to bring discovery.”

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