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FLy Guys by Jennifer Keim

Jennifer Keim

Jennifer Keim is a Fine Artist and Lifestyle Designer located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. She’s a global design brand that serves the tastemakers of today. Her exclusive, original art is coveted for its creative ingenuity and remains classic for years to come.

Specializing in oil, pastels and mixed media, Jennifer embraces a vast range of work that leans into an impressionist brush stroke. She works on both canvas and with various textiles. As an artist in style and nature, she has consulted and created on both a corporate and private clientele level. Her work has been featured in multiple museums, exhibitions, galleries (including the Huff Harrington Fine Art Gallery, the Columbus Museum, and her work has been featured on HGTV) and is present in the homes of many private collectors. Jennifer has also created promotional for Steeplechase in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Georgia Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting, and has studied art professionally in Cortona, Italy.

Every piece of work that comes from JKeim is completely individual and one-hundred percent custom. Each item, from the paintings, to the goods and textiles are individually painted and cared for so that you can always be confident the product you receive is as unique as you are.

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