Katie Brickman - Liza Pruitt

Katie Brickman

After raising two children in Lake Forest, Illinois Katie began to create art in her bright yellow dining room. Early on, the art attracted the attention of coveted designer and former employer Alessandra Branca who was looking for artwork that mixes old and new, refined, and spontaneous. With Alessandra’s interest, Katie grew more confident and began to develop her own style playing with bright colors and everyday materials.

“It was growing up in the Midwest and especially living at Cranbrook and then working for industry creatives Kate and Andy Spade that solidified my love of simple clean lines and allowed me to find beauty in bright colors and the unexpected. It’s a combination of surprise and delight with every day and ordinary materials, objects and shapes that inspires me!” says Katie.

Katie paints primarily with acrylic on whitewashed wood board. She also paints on everything from antique book pages, lampshades, and recently vintage men’s Brooks Brother’s shirts. When not creating unique art, Katie also works as a Creative Director for brands designing labels, logos and more.

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