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Born and bred in southern Georgia, I cannot remember a time when art was not a part of my life. My family highly values creativity, and I spent my childhood and early adult life immersed in the world of art. I studied art history at the University of Georgia, working in galleries throughout my time in Athens and spending a summer taking studio art classes abroad in Florence, Italy. After college I went on to study a different art form: architecture. I earned my master’s in historic preservation in Charleston, South Carolina, because I wanted to understand this tangible art form that people interact with on a daily basis. The degree intersected my love of history and art perfectly, and it greatly impacted my vision as an artist.

I believe that everything I need to study and improve upon as an artist can be found in one, single blossom: composition, line, color, shadow, and depth. More importantly, perhaps, it is hard not to smile when you look at a flower.

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