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Photographed by Emily March Payne

Sarah Jane Tart is a Christian artist in Wilmington, NC.

With a BA in journalism and mass communication and a concentration in graphic design from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sarah Jane approaches her art practice with a thoughtful storytelling and problem-solving eye. The result: meaningful art for a beautiful life.

Sarah Jane’s art is rooted in her deep connection to nature and faith. She is constantly inspired by the coastal Carolinas where she adventures with her husband and their pint-sized golden retriever, Rosie.

Artist Statement: "If the water is a reflection of the heavens, then the sky is a reflection of love. In my art I strip away the distractions of the world to find beauty in a life that’s bigger than us. Each happy squiggle of paint represents the freedom and peace that comes from faith. I invite viewers into my magical world to find their own beauty and love in this life." — Sarah Jane Tart