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I’ve never been great at pigeonholing. And so to me, it makes perfect sense that within my art practice I draw inspiration from my experience as an endurance athlete. Using textiles and acrylics, I am looking to replicate the feeling of content calm and bubbling energy that sweet swims in the ocean or long runs under canopies of trees provide. This balance between giddy and gusto consistently shows up in my work through playful color and wonky shapes. My hope is that when someone sees my work they feel bursts of joy and energy or a wash of peace and calm. I began working with textiles over 15 years ago as I apprenticed under my aunt, a master seamstress. We would spend every Saturday together in her Baltimore row home piecing together projects. In these years, I learned how to take dreamy dreams that lived in my imagination and translate them into something I could hold. Without fully understanding, I was developing my process that I now use every day; a process that allows me to draw lines between the two sides of myself: artist & athlete