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My creative process is exploratory in nature, influenced by mood, surroundings, travels and life events. I rarely start with an image in mind. Layers of underpainting reveal what the next step will be. Art is a safe place for me to take risks and make mistakes that lead to new pathways of understanding. I work on several pieces simultaneously, which allows me to act on impulsive ideas balanced by time for contemplation.

I work primarily in acrylic paint but also love to combine other mediums such such as ink, pencil, pastels and collage. I dabble between larger works on handcrafted wood panels and works on paper. The variety challenges me and also gives me a chance to continue exploring and enjoying every phase of the creative journey. Textural surfaces, intuitive marks and saturated colors are my signature elements.

Latest Series: "The Lost Summer" 

It is an authentic reflection of my artistic voice filled with saturated colors, layers of texture, and gestural marks. The global pandemic put a halt to travel plans and family adventures that were years in the planning. The only way for me to get to Greece this summer was to escape through paint and paper, reconnecting with those indelible memories of sea and the sand, ancient ruinsisland hopping sunsets, and meals eaten on the edge of the Aegean. All of these soulful creations were created at home in Richmond, Virginia, from my quaint city garden surrounded by potted olive and fig trees instead of an olive grove in the Peloponnese. These soulful creations go beyond an expression of my Hellenic identity and carry universal themes of hope, perseverance, and love.