Hamptons: The Beach Harmony | 33" x 40" | Framed


Master photographer Raj Iyer captures indelible images of the sea and produces them in museum quality single prints for collectors who want to own a one of a kind photographic masterpiece. 

Image Size: 24" x 36"

Frame Size Approx.: 33" x 40"

Part of Hampton Series I.

Signature will be in bottom right hand corner along with 1/1 to denote exclusivity. A Certificate of Authenticity will be sent with piece.

A Moment behind the Lens:

Walking on the beach I felt the soft breeze hugging the blanket of tall grass, gently swaying to the sounds of the ocean, in rhythm with the crashing waves. And there was this house peaking behind the dunes, watching this harmony of sounds while firmly staying its ground. Inspiring and reminding me that life is beautiful if we take time to listen to it. 

By Raj Iyer

All Art Sales are Final

Shipping included in price.


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