Hamptons: The Forgotten Sailer | 34" h x 24" w | Framed


Image Size: 30" h x 20" w

Frame Approx.: 34" h x 24" w

Printed on archival paper, framed in white wood frame. 

Please allow framing to take 2-3 weeks. 

Part of Hampton Series I.

All Prints are sold as single copy only. No replications or duplicates will be sold. Exclusively sold through Liza Pruitt.

Signature will be in bottom right hand corner along with 1/1 to denote exclusivity. A Certificate of Authentication will be mailed separately.

A Moment Behind the Lens:

I saw this driftwood perched on the foot of the dunes, clinging to the rags, breaking from the crashing waves, scraped and scoured, haunted by the splintered dreams, still holding to ambitions and aspirations and waiting to slip back into the deep, back to where it came from. 

It was asking me to remember it way after it’s gone, making a promise to meet once again in this life or another.

I knew I met a friend.

By Raj Iyer

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