Lemon Haze | 10" h x 8" | Framed


10" h x 8" w 

Oil on panel.

Framed in natural wood floater.

By Molly Mansfield

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Artist Inspiration:

Inspired by the views around my home that I am obsessed with painting. This piece reminds me to pay attention. To notice and marvel that the grass is green. To notice some more and observe that green is just an generalization of the variety of light and color, hill and dip and direction, that all contribute to the interpretation of my eye. When I look long enough to realize that my eye has been deceiving me and I discover that the grass is pink and red and blue and yellow, well, then I paint. The mystery of this quotidian landscape that I have spent my life in could be missed if I don’t pay attention. I paint because that is what I do. But let me tell you that I also imagine myself dancing or singing or running in the wind. My hope is that this piece will inspire you to move a little more slowly and with that be a little more filled up.
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