Wild Field | 25" h x 19" w | Framed


Life happens in seasons, some are wild and vibrant, while others are quiet and restful. Like nature, our lives cycle through seasons, but there is always something special and lovely to be found even in the quiet. In the quiet we slow down, look closer, and notice details that often get overlooked. In nature’s dormant season, there is so much still to be found. The sound of the dry grasses scratching in the wind. The way the warm, rosy sunset reflects on the colorless fields. The evergreen trees that never stop casting their long shadows. These paintings invite us to embrace the changing seasons, especially the restful ones, and use the quiet to notice the things that we might otherwise miss.

  • Size:
    • Artwork 24" h x 18" w 
    • Framed 25" h x 19" w 
  • Medium: Oil on canvas.
  • Frame: Natural maple floater.
  • Wired and ready to hang.
  • Artist Elizabeth Sage McLaurin

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