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Stylist Spotlight: Meet Allison Welch

Stylist Spotlight: Meet Allison Welch

If you’ve ever wondered if “everyday people” really need a personal stylist, just look at Allison Welch’s Instagram feed. There, you’ll see effortlessly stylish looks that will have you wanting her to take you shopping asap! She favors color and prints, but there is a restraint that keeps her looks elegant and fresh. Allison works with her clients to make them look and feel like the best version of themselves. Follow her Friday Finds for a peek at what she’s buying now!


Hi Allison! Welcome to LP Spotlight! To start, can you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up and how did you come to start your business as a personal stylist?

I grew up in small town Gaffney, South Carolina. My mother was an artist, and I was definitely inspired by her love of the arts and design atheistic. Our home was colorful, the walls were covered with art and the house filled with music. My mom was constantly dragging my sister and I to art exhibits all over the Southeast. At the time it was the last place I wanted to be, however now I am very grateful she taught me the importance of that world at a young age. 

I attended the University of South Carolina for college and I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I worked as a merchandiser for Saks Fifth Avenue right after college and was introduced to a new world of designer fashion I had only read about in magazines. I found the seasonal trunks shows, fashion shoots, and curating of designer departments thrilling. I continued working in retail until my children were born. Then suddenly afternoon playdates began turning into style sessions. (At the time I didn’t think of them that way) However, I would be invited to a friends house come let the kids play I need your help. I began to organize friends closets, help them pack for vacations, or upcoming events they may have while our children played. Then I quietly added a few clients that began to pay me for help. I did not officially start by business until my close friend Charlotte Lucas asked me to style a shoot for her. She said I want you to style a shoot for me and  I need 6 outfit changes, I think my mouth probably dropped. I was in shock but excited that someone had that much trust in my ability to style them. The morning of the shoot she said by the way your going live on instagram today. I was too busy to think about it. We laughed later and agreed she gave the the “shove” I would have never given myself. I am forever grateful to her for that.  

Allison Welch x Charlotte Lucas

Allison Welch with Charlotte Lucas

You are brilliant at mixing patterns and colors.

What’s the secret to mixing patterns without looking “over the top?”

I think that mixing patterns can be tricky. If I have a larger print then I prefer a pairing it with a smaller print or some sort of animal print. You can also create interest by adding different textures, you do not necessarily need prints. Leathers, fur, mohair, scarves. 

Allison Welch
What are clients most surprised by when they enlist the help of a personal stylist?

I hope they are surprised by the ease of it. I think there is always a fear of change.  However, that is not the case. I am here to enhance the style they already have or help them work towards an elevated style that will suit their lifestyle, and at times that is pushing the client outside of their comfort zone a little.   

Allison Welch

With a passion for Zara as well as Chanel, you are a master at achieving the high/low look. Where should we splurge vs. save?

Splurge on investment pieces that you will wear over and over again. I am a huge advocate of investment pieces! Price per wear will end up being low. 

-Black Blazer that fits or Plaid Blazer in a neutral palette 
-Beautiful pair of shoes (one pair of heels & one pair of flats) and a pair of animal print shoes
-Gorgeous colorful scarf 
-Black pants
-A tote 
-A clutch for evening 

Save your money on trendy fast fashion pieces that are only going to be current for a season or two. 

Allison Welch

What is your personal “go-to” outfit for a day at work?

I am a sucker for a floral dress, but it needs to be comfy and usually during a workday I have on sneakers or very comfortable shoes. 

Addison Weeks

The Ladies of Addison Weeks styled by Allison Welch

What is your favorite shopping city?

Oh I love New York, the creative energy I feel when I am walking around the city is like no other. The Museums, Boutique windows, Theatre, street musicians, all inspire me to be more creative and dream bigger. 



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