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Meet Taylor Turner of Hazen & Co.

Meet Taylor Turner of Hazen & Co.

Visit Taylor Turner’s website,, and you are virtually transported to a jewel box boutique in Dallas, Texas, where you can browse an artfully displayed selection of Hazen’s ever-popular beaded bracelets, impossibly delicate mother of pearl earrings and show-stopping necklaces featuring semi-precious stones. An avid jewelry designer from a young age, Taylor has expanded her business to include a bridal line, hair accessories and even a children’s collection featuring the sweetest rose quartz bamboo bangles. While you are “there,” don’t miss her blog, Between the Boxwood, to discover other similarly impressive lifestyle brands.

Hi Taylor! Welcome to LP Spotlight! To start, can you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up and how did you come to start a jewelry line?

Such a treat to join! I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, which is where the Hazen story begins. At the age of nine, I took an afterschool beading class where I learned the technique for making jewelry. I then took my "savings" from Christmases and birthdays past to buy semi-precious stones that I designed into one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I sold the pieces at my brother's little league baseball games and took the earnings to buy more beads. What began as a fourth grader's hobby quickly turned into something more when I attended my first out of state trunk show at a store at the age of 10 and began attending Atlanta Market at the age of 12. Fast forward a few years (all while continuing to have Hazen as a side business), I found myself in Dallas attending SMU for college. Following graduation, I focused on Hazen full time, growing the wholesale and direct-to-consumer business while building out our Hazen team -- it's all about the people. Today, we have a production team in Houston and the rest of our team is based at our Dallas Flagship store and office. 

Jewelry by Hazen and Co.

Do you remember the first pieces of jewelry you designed?

Oh yes! In true 2002 fashion, we have paper photos of lots of these pieces. It's quite entertaining to look back at the designs, although some still feel truly relevant, which I find amazing. The stones I was working with then are the same materials I often use now! It's always fun to see a "vintage" piece on a longtime Hazen customer. 

What are your current bestsellers?

Statement earrings and bracelets seem to be the go-to right now. Both make a pop while remaining easy to wear. A few of my favorites for spring are the Kennedy Earrings, our classic Margaret Bracelet (I first began making this piece in 2014 and it's been a staple ever since), and be on the lookout for a new Hazen Hoop arriving soon!

Hazen and Co.

 Your blog, Between the Boxwood, features profiles on other small business owners. Why was it important to you to promote small businesses?

I truly think the opportunity to support small businesses is one of the reasons I love having Hazen. Undoubtedly, Hazen would not be where it is today without wonderful, kind people gathering around us to support us, encourage us, and share our story. If we all use our networks to share the things we love with the people we love, a wonderful thing happens. I am so deeply grateful for the people who have promoted the Hazen story along the way and certainly hope we can "pay it forward" in some small way by sharing other small business stories on our platform.

Hazen and Co. Team

Taylor and her amazing Hazen and Co. Team

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry in your personal collection?

This year, I added an estate hand-engraved gold bangle to my collection with the intention of having our new baby Margaret's initials added to it. I love how it layers perfectly with the Hazen pieces I wear daily, and the gold tones match up just seamlessly. I feel like that's more and more my style-- a little old, a little new. 

Your bridal line of jewelry is stunning! What made you decide to dedicate a line to bridal jewelry?

The bridal line is so special. There are few things that bring a smile to my face more than seeing Hazen be a part of someone's special day -- what an honor. When I was planning my own wedding in 2019, I knew I wanted the accessories for both my bridesmaids and myself to be timeless and feminine. The collection features styles both classic and modern, statement and simple, but all with the intent of helping a woman feel most beautiful on a beautiful day! 

Bridal Collection


Shop Taylor’s Favorite pieces of artwork on

Caribbean HoneymoonCaribbean Honeymoon | 48" h x 60" w | By Erin Tice


Renewed Spirit

Renewed Spirit | 36" h x 48" w | By Christie Younger



Whiplash | 25" h x 19" w | By Jennifer Flannigan


Sundae | 34" x 34" | By Rachel Harris

Calling Out

Calling Out | 48" x 48" | By Anna Vaughn Kincheloe 

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