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Nancy Bass - Liza Pruitt

Nancy Bass

Since childhood animals have enriched my life and nurtured my artistic soul. My first painting memory at the age of three was drawing a pink poodle in crayon and being thrilled by the act of creation. This singular poodle was followed by numerous dog drawings using every color of crayon in my box. Cows became my artistic focus as my family lived for over thirty five years on Anchorage farm in Southern Albemarle county. We raised our herd of Simmental, Hereford, Angus, and Charolais cows who served as beautiful models for my paintings. These cows continue to be a large part of my work.

Today I am an itinerant painter. I paint in coastal Florida, the mountains near Asheville, and coastal Connecticut. I continue to paint my beloved herd of cows, endangered animals, native wildlife and places of quiet beauty. 
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