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RYAN CANNON | Liza Pruitt


Ryan Cannon, a Utah native, graduated from Utah State University in 2016, receiving a Bachelors of Fine Art with emphasis in painting and drawing.  Ryan is an emerging Utah artist who was featured in Southwest Art magazine 2017 "21 under 31 Artists to watch" article.  His art has been in shows and exhibitions at Utah State University, Springville Art Museum and Galleries throughout the West.

Ryan’s childhood interest in art matured into a love of painting landscapes. Exposure to original artwork in museums across North America and Europe gave him a broad number of artist to look to for inspiration such as; Eduard Vuillard, Fairfield Porter, Tom Thomson, Maynard Dixon and many others.

Artist Statement

I have been developing my method and style of painting since I picked up a brush. The textures and consistency of oil paint has fascinated me, experimenting with simplification, color and shapes. I believe that art becomes impressive when it is not totally comprehensive to the viewer. My method involves trying to give as much information as I can with as minimal strokes as possible, giving the viewer time to discover the narrative in their own way. The work I do is more focused on form, shape and color then any one subject or message, however I do enjoy and reflect on what I paint and do try to capture the emotions I feel when around these subjects, especially by the colors I use. My paintings are spontaneous works of the places, people and things around me I feel worth remembering.