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Art Commissions

Art Commisions

I always tell my clients that you should never pick a piece of art that doesn't speak to you and your space. Sometimes you have a space in mind but can't find a piece that fits the wall or you have a wallpaper or fabric you love but can't find art that compliments its color palette.

I am here to help make that connection for you with an artist that fits your style and taste. I work as the liaison between you and the artist, helping to translate what you are looking for and gather every detail to ensure your commissioned piece is exactly what you envisioned.

How it works:

1. Submit a request for commission art. Once the request is received I will reach out to you using your contact information to discuss what you are looking for and we will review art portfolios of artists that I believe would work best for your project. Feel free to share with me fabrics, paint colors, pictures, vision boards, etc that you’re using in your space for inspiration.

2. Once we have agreed upon an artist and received the estimated quote for the piece a deposit is made for 50% of the full price to get started. Please understand once a commissioned piece is submitted all sales are final. Please note: Turnaround time is about 8 weeks from the date deposit is received. Once your artwork is painted, I will send you images for review.

3. We will tweak the piece(s) together, seeing if any changes need to be made. These changes may include color additions, tweaking shapes, drip marks etc. Please note: only a few changes are offered before additional fees may apply.