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4 Reasons to Shop for Art Online

4 Reasons to Shop for Art Online

Shopping for art doesn't have to be overwhelming or intimidating. In fact we think it should be just the opposite, fun and exciting! From convenience and selection to affordability, here are 4 reasons you should start shopping for artwork from the comfort of your own home. 

It is on Your Terms

You have been staring at that blank wall forever and you finally found a window in your day to look for the perfect piece. Rather than get in the car and drive to a store, you can hunt for art that speaks to you right from your home. And with no sales person trying to convince you to buy something, you can browse through the art at your own pace. You know your style and home better than anyone, you should purchase what speaks to you, not what someone tells you to buy.

Hannah Dean

Artwork by Hannah Dean 

A Wider Selection

The sky is the limit when you shop for art online. Just like when you are browsing for that perfect dress, you can apply filters such as Style, Medium, Size, Color, Price etc. There is something out there to fit everyone's taste and budget!

It is More Affordable

Speaking of budget, you can stick within yours when you shop online. When you buy art online you can search from a wide range of prices. Also you are just paying the list cost deemed by the artist so the prices are much more transparent and accessible - allowing you to purchase high quality art at a much lower cost.

You are Supporting Emerging Artists

The easiest way for new and upcoming artists to display their work is online. And the easiest way for us to support these artists and their incredible talent is through purchasing their work. Our world (and our walls!) is more beautiful with creativity, so let's help foster it. 

Margaret Crosby

Artist Margaret Crosby

At Liza Pruitt our goal is to make sourcing and buying incredible original art accessible to everyone. We have a thoughtfully curated selection of landscapes, abstracts, sketches and more from our favorite up - and - coming and established artists. Offering a variety of price points and styles, our collections are available to easily view and purchase online. Find something beautiful that speaks to you and your home today!

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