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Designer Spotlight: Interior Decorator Ebonee Mashae

Designer Spotlight: Interior Decorator Ebonee Mashae
We were fortunate to recently chat with Interior Decorator Ebonee Mashae, a fifth-generation Floridian with a love of historic homes and smart DIY décor ideas, thrifty style hacks and a general gift for making the whole thing elegant and effortless. We love the way she mixes art with her personal style and integrates the art seamlessly into each space in a home. Scout out her mural wall below for great inspo for art you may have collected and been wondering how and where to hang - and you never know - you might just see a piece that looks familiar! 
How did you get into Interior Decorating?  
I got into decorating at a very young age. My mom loved decorating and rearranging the house and I like copying her and doing the same in my own room. When I was in kindergarten  I would rearrange my bed and stuffed animals and my mom would let me pick wild flowers on the side of the road to display in my room. So I guess decorating has always been apart of me.
What is your favorite part about being a decorator? 
My favorite part about decorating is using all of my creative energy to turn a drab room into something special; it’s literally like therapy for me - so relaxing.
How would you describe your style in one sentence? 
My personal decorating style is Boho coastal. I love a little eclectic mixture with meaningful elements and collections and a little bit coastal (I’m a fifth generation Floridian) mixed in. I love decorating in both neutrals and color.
What or who inspires you and your work? 
My inspiration comes from nature - the BEST designer made it all and it’s all so beautiful. The colors flow perfectly in nature and everything is unique. That’s my favorite part: no two things are exactly the same.
What is your best entertaining tip? 
My tips for entertaining are: don’t be afraid to mix homemade with store bought already made dishes. You can always transfer into a beautiful bowl or dish. No one will ever know, but you and me.
 Oyster Art: Camilla Moss
What color are you constantly gravitating toward? 
Colors that I tend to gravitate towards in decorating are green, gray, white, and black.
No home is complete without…. 
No home is complete without an amazing scented candle. I always have candles in my house, it makes me feel cozy.
How do you start the decorating process for a room? 
I always start the decorating process by writing down my vision for that room. Do I want it to feel formal, cozy and informal? Then I head over to Pinterest to start pinning a collage of my vision.
What’s your favorite decorating trend (current or timeless)?
My favorite trend currently is that green is very trendy in interiors right now. I love decorating with green and have rooms painted green in my home. It makes me happy that I was ahead of this trend. 
How do you feel art can influence a room or space that you are decorating?
Art can definitely set the mood for a room if it’s tastefully curated and meaningful to you. Lots of art pieces in my own home mean so much to me that I can’t part with them. They’re conversation pieces and add so much character to an otherwise blank wall. They all are different, yet are cohesive at the same time. It makes me so happy to look at them. 

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