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Artist Spotlight: Emily Meisler

Artist Spotlight: Emily Meisler

Meet Emily, a sculpture artist who captures the organic movement and growth of nature through her pieces. Here we learn a little about her art journey and her interpretation of nature’s beauty.

How did you first get interested in sculpture?

Sculpture is something I've been interested in for as long as I can remember. As a kid I was always sculpting anything I could find, so when I was old enough I started taking classes and began working with clay and other mixed media materials.

Do you have any pieces in your collection that are particularly special to you?

I think I'm particularly drawn to "Extend" because I love the simple movement it exudes and I really enjoy how the black glaze draws attention to the curves of the form. 

 Your pieces are so delicate and intricate- what's the process like for you?

Each piece starts with drawn out organic shapes that I manipulate and abstract into something completely new. With those ideas in mind, I then start forming the clay and really let the shape guide me as I build up the sculpture. 

What specific elements of nature do you strive to capture in your work? 

I'm always striving to capture the organic movement and growth I see throughout nature. I'm constantly looking for interesting patterns, forms, and structures I see repeated in plants.

How do you see your work evolving in the future?

Recently, I've been trying to push myself to make work outside of my comfort zone and in the future I'm hoping to continue evolving by experimenting with scale and more complex forms.

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