Artist Spotlight: Sarah Jane Tart

Artist Spotlight: Sarah Jane Tart


Join me in welcoming Sarah Jane Tart to the LP Collective! Sarah Jane joined our talented roster earlier this year and jumped right in, selling out her Marsh Studies in the Summer Group Show before debuting her solo show, the Marsh Collection. Sarah Jane creates her dreamy landscapes in her home studio in Durham, NC, which was recently featured in In Her Studio Magazine! Her paintings explore God’s peace and beauty in nature. Take a peek into Sarah Jane’s studio and her artistic process in the Q&A below. 

Tell us about the Marsh Collection! 

I wanted this collection to feel like a cozy quilt — a treasured family heirloom. The colors are sophisticated and inviting. The scenes are familiar and reminiscent of grand adventures! I imagine these paintings hanging above a couch or dining table, bringing families together to enjoy relaxing marsh views every day! 

What inspires your marsh paintings? 

As a kid, I loved exploring in the creek at my great-grandmother’s farm. My brother and I would go in search of crawdads, and easily spend a day splashing around in the water!  

Fast forward to my sophomore year of college and my first trip to Bald Head Island, NC, with my now husband. To my delight, I discovered the marsh; or as I see it, a giant creek and the perfect inspiration! 

I was able to sneak a few quick trips to the coast with Brantley and our pint-sized golden retriever, Rosie, as I worked on the Marsh Collection! 

What is your favorite thing about your studio? 

My easel! Brantley gave it to me as a wedding gift. It was once used to restore paintings at the North Carolina Museum of Art, so I like to imagine what prolific works sat where I now paint! 

Were you an artsy kid? 

Yes! I painted everything from rocks to my bedroom wall!  

In elementary school I remember being so excited to have one of my paintings in a show at our local arts guild. At that point being an artist was a distant dream, I can only imagine what my five-year-old self would think now! 

Are you self-taught, or did you go to school for art? 

I’m pretty much smack dab in between the two! After my experience at the local arts guild, I took a summer class there and completely loved it! I continued creating and taking art classes throughout school and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; but my major was actually in Journalism and Mass Communication, with a concentration in graphic design! It was the perfect intersection of art and storytelling, and it definitely plays into my painting style today! When I’m not painting, I do graphic design for an independent school in Durham. 

Describe your perfect day! 

Ohh that’s a good one! I’d probably sleep until 8 a.m. (Rosie is an early riser, so this would be sleeping in!), and then enjoy a cup of coffee on our deck with my journal. Then I’d spend the rest of my morning painting in the studio, before going on a hike with Brantley and Rosie along the Eno River! I’d end my day curled up with a good book and a glass of wine! 

What advice would you give someone just starting their art collection? 

Simple, buy art you love! If you find a meaningful connection to a piece of art, that is pure magic, friend! 

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