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Designer Spotlight: Ashley Hanley

Designer Spotlight: Ashley Hanley
How did you get into Interior Design? 


I have always had a love for design and architecture since a very young age. I majored in apparel design in college, but realized my path was better geared towards interior design. I started doing little projects for family and friends before I started my first interior design internship post graduation. 


Ashley Hanley Interior 1

What is your favorite part about being a designer? 

I love the connections that I make with my clients, trades people and vendors. I also am extremely passionate about creating functional and beautiful spaces that are unique to each of my clients, and there truly is no better compliment than a client's ultimate happiness with how you have decorated their home. 

How would you describe your style in one sentence? 

My style is fresh, classic and collected.

Ashley Hanley Interior 2

What inspired your work behind the Greenbriar project?

I was asked to dream big, have no fear of color, and to honor special family heirlooms. The client's custom built brick Georgian revival home was in desperate need of an upgrade from its 1990s finishes, along with a splash of personality to match their personalities. All rooms were designed to embrace the upscale resort atmosphere of the Greenbrier, yet honor the home’s classical roots. Small details such as custom millwork kept all of the spaces grounded and provided a connection from room to room.

How did you decide to incorporate art into each room/what influenced your art choices?

I always prefer to bring in art at the very end of a project, as I think that it is so helpful to see how the components of the design plans have come together in person. For this project, we had most of our components in place, but we also needed some time allowance for framing, so we brought in art a little bit earlier than I typically do. We wanted to bring in artwork that complemented our bold interiors, so we looked for pieces that had equally striking elements. 

Ashley Hanley Interior 3

How do you feel art can influence a room or space that you are designing?

I think that art, just like accessories, are the finishing touch that rooms need to make it feel like home. Art is so personal, and many times, clients will find colors, movement or meanings behind the painting that have a personal connection for them. You should always surround yourself with pieces that you love. 

How did you start the design process for the Greenbriar project?

I begin every project with hand-drawn floor plans to scale to establish the best use of flow and space. Inspired by my client’s desired color palette, I then curated a thoughtful selection of fabrics, upholstery, case goods, lighting, art, antiques, and other details to be tailored for the spaces throughout the home. As this was such a special and unique project, I even snuck in a quick trip to the Greenbrier to soak in all of its design details that provided the best inspiration for this home.

Ashley Hanley Interior 5

What are you best known for personally or professionally? 

I think that both personally and professionally, I am known for being a hard worker with great attention to detail. I operate my business on my own, so I have a hand in the entire design process and business, which allows me to really focus on all aspects of the project for my clients. 

What color are you constantly gravitating toward? 

I love all colors - I think if used well, any color can be beautiful. But, I think blue and green are my core, feel good colors that I personally gravitate towards from time and time again. 

Ashley Hanley Interior 5

No home is complete without…. 

No home is complete without an old family photo in a silver frame and a piece of blue and white porcelain. 

What’s your favorite design trend (current or timeless)?
I do not believe in design trends. I really enjoy looking to the past, whether it be old books, old movies or historic homes, for inspiration as I believe that classic design elements are truly timeless. 

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