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Designer Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth Cook

Designer Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth Cook
Elizabeth Cook is a creative consultant and entrepreneur whose first business, Elizabeth Heard, a line of hair accessories, landed her as a finalist on the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 List. She went on to found Domino Media Group, a public relations and brand strategy firm with a focus on elevating lifestyle-based businesses. Most recently, Elizabeth has decided to stay home with her two young children while she continues to pursue her passion of discovering unique finds at estate sales and online auction houses.  

    Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to LP Spotlight! To start, can you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up and how did you get your start in marketing and public relations?

    Hey, there! I am happy to be here and so nice to “e-meet” you all. My name is Elizabeth White Cook, I am the former founder + owner of an Atlanta based public relations firm (Domino Media Group) and am currently at home with two babies, freelancing as a marketing consultant, and dreaming up my next venture. 

    I grew up a couple hours south of Atlanta in Columbus, Georgia. My dad, an entrepreneur, always had my sisters and I “pitch” him when we wanted something from attending summer camp to going to a local restaurant. I started honing my skills early and went on to do funny things throughout my adolescent like “pitch” my mom for our family to be on a reality TV show “Wipe Swap”, or hand out complimentary frozen yogurt outside my college library upon seeing that Pinkberry had opened their doors nearby - I would say that marketing and PR have always been in my blood and I have continued to refine my skills through the years. 

    After college, I worked in publishing and public relations in New York City. This sparked an excitement and greater understanding of public relations. Upon moving to Atlanta in 2014, I noticed a niche in the market and wanted to help creatives in the Southeast who were struggling to get the exposure they hoped for on a national stage.  

    Elizabeth Cook

    Photograph by Kelli Boyd  

    What is one tip you would give someone looking to start their own business?

    To not be afraid of failing. I believe so often people (including myself at times!) put off starting something new because they are afraid of what happens if it doesn’t work out or what others will think. The older I get, I recognize the less people care what you’re actually doing, and you should try as many things as you can that bring you joy! Failing simply means you’re trying and putting yourself out there. I am currently really trying to explore what fills my cup. 

    Where does your love of estate sales and auctions come from?

    First off, I come from a long line of sick women who love a good deal. I got into the estate sale world after I stumbled across my first estate sale in Atlanta’s Tuxedo Park years ago. I bought an upholstered club chair in Quadrille’s Island Ikat fabric on the spot (photo, HERE). I loved the statement it made, adored the fabric, and relished the deal I got on the chair. It anchored my old living room and I recently flipped it for a profit when it didn’t work in our new home. Thrifting is my version of “therapy”. It brings me joy and is a major stress reliever.

    Today, there are so many ways to live well without breaking the budget. Our entire home is a mix of finds from thrift stores, online auctions, and estate and sample sales. With the internet you can really find anything, as well as educate yourself with the click of a button. Even when thinking about art, the accessibility of online galleries like yours were just not a thing a decade ago.  

     Elizabeth Cook

    Photograph by Kelli Boyd 

    How do you exercise your love of learning and curiosity as a stay at home mom?

    If you have any good pointers, please let me know! I have been a stay-at-home for one year now and feel like I am beginning to find my footing. We did not have consistent childcare until recently and this has been a major game changer in my daily life. Having the support to run to the grocery store child-free or answer this questionnaire or even think or plot about a future business - has been really nice. I would say now having a little more help has enabled me to create more of a routine which allows the time to stay curious. 

    I am currently enrolled in an online capstone program where I am learning about how data can be used to drive informed business decisions. For years, I have been giving brands marketing advice but could not back it up with data specific to their brand. I am learning! While I don’t think I’ll be the person “crunching the numbers” in my future endeavors, the program has opened my eyes to data fundamentals, and the right questions to ask. 

    I have also really been enjoying Emily Landers weekly podcast “How’d She Do That” and find myself always uplifted after listening to one. She has the best podcast voice and asks such engaging questions. Other great podcasts that I have been enjoying are: @TheGussie, @WhatWeWore, @SecondLife, and @SlidingDoors. 

     Elizabeth Cook

    Photograph by Kelli Boyd 

    You are a master at pulling together creative people and tastemakers. How do you seek out people and businesses that will be a good fit for collaborations?

    I genuinely love people and hearing about their businesses. So much so that when a creative friend says they had an issue or marketing struggle, my instinct is to jump in and write a plan to find a solution. I also relish solving creative problems, so I think a mixture of those two things have contributed. 

    Partnerships are such a fun and interesting topic right now. I feel like I have naturally been pairing people together for years for friend dates and/or product collaborations or licensing deals. However, there is a greater demand or desire today to connect and make these partnerships happen more than ever. It is cool to see, and I love being a small part of a partnership or collaboration. I am currently really excited to see Weezie Towels x Shop Parterre come to life. 

    When looking at partnerships, I try to think how this collaboration would be mutually beneficial for both parties and what the goals are of both brands to ensure it makes sense. 

    Weezie Collab

    What does your ideal day look like?

    My ideal day looks like a coffee in the morning and walk with family around our Midtown neighborhood. I have learned that productivity makes me happy so maybe finding some time for myself to grow whether it be an hour to study or listening to a podcast helps me feel like the best version of myself. 


    Enjoy browsing Elizabeth’s favorite pieces of art from

     GARDEN PARTY | 48" H X 60" W $4,200.00

     Garden Party | 48" h x 60" w | By Augusta Wilson

    Celadon Chic

    Celadon Chic | 30" x 30" | By Erin Tice

    I was with Erin recently at The Southern C conference and I enjoyed chatting with her so much. I wish we lived closer to one another! 

     Iron Artwork

    Iron I & II | 14" h x 11" w | By Anna Vaughn Kincheloe


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