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Meet the Ladies Behind Half Past Seven

Meet the Ladies Behind Half Past Seven

Jen Burch and Margaret Dillard founded Half Past Seven in early 2022. The foundation of their brand was built on their combined nostalgia for past traditions & love for thoughtful, globally sourced home decor staples, layered with the belief life is fueled by relationships and connections and gatherings should be stress-free.

They provide timeless, unique, and artisan-made products to elevate your everyday, with a dose of approachable advice, to help you confidently host with ease. Enjoy meeting the ladies behind this amazing brand!

What does Half Past Seven mean to you all? 

Jen:  It means so much to me to know that our pieces can be a significant part of the memories that our customers and their guests make for years and years - that they’re privy to all of the laughs and conversations that come with gathering. In a world of fast everything, it’s such a gift to be blessed with this opportunity to help celebrate quality that can only come with handmade, timelessly designed pieces. 

Margaret: I grew up watching my mother and grandmother entertain seamlessly - it was in their blood. Now, as an adult, I realize that hosting was / is innate to them but have also come to the conclusion that they had tried and true pieces that they could reach for every time they hosted - a fantastic vase, a versatile water pitcher, votives and hurricanes for candlelight, go-to table linens. This “arsenal of tools” took a lot of the guesswork out of entertaining and that’s what we hope to achieve with Half Past Seven - a thoughtfully-made collection of pieces you’ll reach for time and time again.

Where is your glassware made?

All of our glassware is made in Central Mexico, primarily in San Miguel de Allende. We work with craftsmen who utilize centuries-old mouth-blowing and hand-etching techniques that were brought to Mexico by Spanish settlers. These heritage crafts continue today in the family businesses we partner with. The majority of our pieces are made from recycled glass and all are made and perfected by mouth and by hand. We are consistently amazed and humbled by the artisans’ skills and creativity. 

Your drink of choice? 

Jen: I’m a red wine and tequila & soda drinker. (But not in the same night!)

Margaret: I’m also a red wine girl, but love my bourbon - neat or in an Old Fashioned!

What is your go to hostess gift? 

Jen: I love to divvy up a set of our votives and make it into 4 gifts. Wrap with a set of matches and a scented tea light, and it’s an instantly thoughtful gift. 

Margaret: you can’t go wrong with one of our mouth-blown bud vases or one of our wine caddies and a good bottle of Pinot Noir. 

Favorite flowers to arrange? 

Jen: So long as I have a Lettuce Leaf Vase to put them in, I can pick up whatever I’m drawn to at the Trader Joe’s that day. That vase has upped this novice’s flower game in a serious way. Thank God Margaret knew what most of us don't — the perfect design for a flower vase!

Margaret: That is really kind! I agree with Jen - the Lettuce Leaf Vase makes arranging any flower easy. Currently, I’m craving spring and am impatiently waiting for my spring bulbs to bloom, so I’m eyeing spring branches, like dogwoods, daffodils and hyacinths. 

Any fun plans this spring? 

Jen: Counting down the days to our first Half Past Seven trip  to Palm Beach in March with Liza.

Margaret: I’m taking my boys on a mother-son ski trip to Colorado! My husband is definitely the athlete between the two of us, but he doesn’t ski, so I’m really looking forward to being the athletic parent for once :)

We so enjoyed getting to know the ladies of Half Past Seven. We hope you love their products as much as we do. Happy Browsing! 

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