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How to Hang Artwork Over Your Bed

Do you want to add a pop of color and personality to your bedroom? Adding artwork above the bed is an easy way to do just that – but it can often feel like a tricky task. Here are some helpful tips to simplify the process.

1. Spark joy

If you are familiar with our MO here at Liza Pruitt, then you know we're all about buying artwork that speaks to you. This could not be more true than when selecting a piece for your bedroom as it is the most personal and private space in your home. When going to sleep and waking up, you want to look at something that makes you happy! 


Artwork by Jana Young Siegel featured in Serena and Lily Campaign 

2. Keep it in the middle

Whether you're hanging one piece or a series, make sure the artwork is positioned in the middle of the bed. If you are doing a gallery wall place the largest piece (or if they are all the same size the one with the most/darkest colors) to pull your eye to the middle which will give it a centered look.

artwork over bed

Christie Younger's Dots designed by Liz Carroll Interiors 

3. Not too big, not too small

Generally speaking, you want the artwork to take up about 50-80% of the space above your bed so it doesn't feel too heavy. That being said, as with everything, there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes there is a piece that makes such a statement that it works regardless of the size. This surfboard by Abbi Custis is a great example of that exception!

Artwork by Abbi Custis hanging within a private collection 

4. Fluid not floating

To ensure the artwork looks fluid with your bed and not floating, you should hang the piece(s) so that bottom(s) are about 8-10 inches above the headboard. No headboard? No problem! You can base the measurements off of your pillow when it is propped up against the wall. A standard headboard would measure about 4-8 inches higher than your pillow so you would base the bottom of the piece about 12-14 inches above your pillows. Trust your gut on what looks best!

5. Safety first!

When hanging something that will be looming above your head, you want to take extra precautions. Look for a picture hanger that could hold weight much higher than your artwork for extra security. For even heavier pieces, a french cleat is super strong and typically can hold something up to 200 lbs. When in doubt you can always call a professional art installer. 

Need help finding that piece that will bring your bedroom to life? At Liza Pruitt we have a thoughtfully curated selection of landscapes, abstracts, sketches and more from our favorite up - and - coming and established artists. Offering a variety of price points and styles, our collections are available to easily view and purchase online. We also offer consultations to help you find what speaks to you!

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