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Meet Lisa Lamb of Lisa Lamb Interiors

Meet Lisa Lamb of Lisa Lamb Interiors

New Year, New Blog Series!

Happy New Year! In December, Liza Pruitt celebrated its fourth anniversary.  And what a four years it has been! We have seen the business grow from a gallery representing a handful of artists, to a nationally-recognized art curator/gallery featured in House Beautiful, Rolling Stone, Real Simple, Artsy and more!

In 2021, we launched our partnership with Serena & Lily and created a new product line for digital art/NFTs, L&S Digital Art. Another highlight of the year was most certainly our collaborations with other creatives, which led to the creation of this blog series. We want to share with you some of the amazing tastemakers that we have come across in our business. We hope that you will enjoy hearing from them as much as we have enjoyed following their beautiful work.

Our first LP Spotlight feature is Lisa Lamb of Lisa Lamb Interiors. Based in Tampa, Florida, Lisa and her team are noted for utilizing color, texture and shape to create spaces that exude warmth, sophistication and the individual preferences of her clientele. We first became fans of Lisa’s work on Instagram (@lisalambinteriors) where her beautiful interiors caught our eye. Enjoy! 

Can you please share a bit about your background?

Where are you from and how did you get your start in interior design?

I was born in St. Louis, but grew up in South Florida. Design was something I was drawn to from a young age. As a small child, I would go to open houses with my mom and grandma. They tell the story that I would walk into a home and comment on how the layout needed to change or the spaces weren’t cohesive! 
I attended SMU and received my BS in Real Estate Finance. Towards the end of my junior year, I realized I wanted to pursue interior design, which was a total shift from my path at the time! My parents wisely suggested that I spend the summer interning for a design firm to see if it was a good fit. I loved every second of it and wanted to start immediately! However, my parents encouraged me to finish up my degree from SMU. In hindsight, I’m so glad they insisted on that as my business education has really helped me in running my company. After school I moved to Chicago for Interior Design School.  I worked in both Chicago and Atlanta with some fabulous designers including Anne Coyle, Beth Webb and Melanie Turner.

In 2013, I founded Lisa Lamb Interiors in Tampa. I feel so fortunate that I get to do what I love every day. I can’t imagine doing anything else! 

It is clear from looking at your work that you pay a lot of attention to the smallest details, i.e. trim, finishes, hardware, etc.

How do the details make a difference in design?

The details are key to making a space come to life. It’s so important to have a designer help when you build/furnish your home to make the spaces cohesive.

It’s ALL in the details!

I dream about design - seriously! After I pull a space together, I typically have a dream where I can visualize all of the selections being installed. It’s like a virtual reality preview of the installation. When I wake up in the morning, I will sometimes think, “I need to add this color here or that finish there.” I guess when you love something as much as I love interior design, you even dream about it!

You use fabulous wallpapers - mostly in small spaces.

How do you incorporate art into a space with a bold print without the two competing?

Two things I can’t get enough of - wallpaper and art! I tend to lean towards framed art when it comes to rooms with wallpaper. It gives a little separation between the wallpaper and art, while still showcasing both. 

You often design for active families. What are your tips for keeping a space elegant, yet functional?

Performance fabrics are a game changer! They have come so far in the last few years - soft, patterned, bleachable. I want the spaces we design to be lived in without the worry of a spill. I predominantly use performance fabrics on upholstery pieces and save the “fun” fabrics for the accents - pillows, window treatments, etc. Have that glass of red wine and let kids be kids. If something happens, I’m also a stain wizard! Just ask my mother-in-law, who spilled red wine in my living room!

What is your dream project?

We are very particular about the clients we accept at LLI. We ask a lot of questions up front to make sure we are a good fit. With that being said, we have lucked out with unbelievably wonderful clients that make our job dreamy. The key to a successful relationship is trust and from there the possibilities are endless.

Lisa’s Picks: 

We asked Lisa to choose her favorite pieces from  

I have an art addiction! I need more walls in my home for all the art I love. I always tell my clients if you see a piece of art that you feel a strong connection to, then get it. I am drawn to blues/greens/neutrals, which is also evident in my interiors. As far as subject and medium, love it all! 

Where the Morning Dawns


CURVED LAMP IN LICHEN | 9" H X 5" WCurved Lamp in Lichen | 9" h x 5"w | East Clay Ceramics 


Haight | 14" h x 11" w | By Katie Ré Scheidt 

Female Figure

Female Figure No. 73 | 13" h x 9" w | By Carson Overstreet


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  • Apr 07, 2022


    This is such a great idea! It was fun to discover
    a new designer to follow and learn how Lisa likes to incorporate art into her projects!!!



    — Laurie Kwo

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