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coastal landscape artwork



Photo by Kami Thacker Photography

If born and bred in Bedford, Virginia, one cannot help but be inspired by this picturesque backdrop. Rolling mountains and hay fields create a verdant, lush landscape where intense, glowy, orange sunsets that float over the horizon for miles are part of everyday life. By sheer immersion, this becomes the context of your ideal of beauty as it has for artist Carson Overstreet.

With innate tendencies, the landscape of the South has become the centerpiece of Carson’s art. Carson expresses herself through experience and a sense of place. Whether it be her beloved Blue Ridge Mountains, weeping willows and dogwoods blooming in springtime, the serpentine twists and turns of the James River, the marshes of the Carolinas or the tranquility of Virginia's Eastern shore, she is there. Her creative calling and craft provide the tools for her ability, but her experience and deeply rooted sense of place beget her subjects.

When you see Carson’s work, you feel her experience; her love and respect for place. Her paintings place you in a moment in time when you feel a porch filled with friends, salty marsh air, a cool mountain breeze, a cascading mountain creek or a peaceful thought, all of which placate the mind.

Carson is married to a Brit, and they make their home in Richmond, Virginia. Together, they have a trans-Atlantic family of six.

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