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Mary Elizabeth Peterson | Liza Pruitt

Mary Elizabeth Marvin

Photography by Karissa Van Tassell

Art has the ability to transform one's psychological state and perceptions of the world. Mary Elizabeth uses specific color palettes because of their tangible emotional impact. A soothing color like blue creates a unique response to the individual and is deeply rooted in their cultural experiences. Studies have shown that a particular hue lowers blood pressure and produces calmer breathing. "My art deliberately draws you in to help improve your mental status and shifts you into a more positive mood. My paintings are a re-set button," she says. This experience one feels as they are viewing one of her pieces is by no accident. Mary Elizabeth is acutely focused in the studio, making reactionary split-second decisions, informed by her education in art history and fine art from UConn and The Corcoran College of Art + Design. Her ability to elicit these calming brain responses through her color combinations and mark-making sets her apart from other contemporary abstract artists.

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