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Lemon Artwork



Molly Mansfield is a self taught oil painter based in Austin, Texas. Driven by her love of the medium and obsession with color and pattern, she has evolved a style characterized by her unique brushwork and patterned still lives. Her work highlights the intricacies of femininity, memory, and tradition, while exploring the histories that have created trivializations around color, pattern, and craft. Her deep connection to her medium and its expressive possibilities is evident in her paintings which have resonated with private collectors across the country and been featured in publications and brands such as, Create! magazine, Hgtv, and Anthropologie.


My paintings serve as a visual exploration of the feminine experience, an homage to the domestic sphere, and a reflection on the often-overlooked contributions of women.
Drawing inspiration from everyday objects, heritage pieces, and elements symbolizing domestic labor and craft, my work seeks to bring the richness of women’s narratives, experiences, and artistic expressions to the forefront. The use of elements like floral imagery, textile patterns, and quilting traditions in my pieces not only represents an exploration of art and craft definitions but also a celebration of the labor and aesthetics predominantly associated with women.
The table, central to my still lifes, is a symbol of community, sharing, and care, highlighting the roles women have traditionally played in nurturing and sustaining communities and families. It serves as a metaphorical space where women’s stories, struggles, contributions, and resilience are acknowledged and celebrated.