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Richard founded his company, New Media Systems in 2000 in Richmond, VA to pursue his love and passion for photography and filming images from unique visual and aerial perspectives. With over 22 years of experience in aerial photography, aerial video, and commercial photography, Richard leads the pack by setting the standards and using state-of-the-art equipment, computers, and photo editing software.

Richards is an Emmy award winning cinematographer, with his work being recognized globally. In 2015, he was the Aerial Director of Photography and handled all the aerial video strategy and filming for the UCI Road World Championships held in Richmond, Virginia. The LIVE race was broadcast from a helicopter and was watched by 300 million viewers around the world.  He took home an Emmy for Cinematographer and Aerial Cinematography on the work he did for the short film; The Boy and the Bucket: A Fable in 2018.

For photography and action lovers alike, Richards' work beautifully captures the intensity and emotions in that moment perfectly. The crispness of the shot makes the prints come to life and separates his work from the rest. These intimate moments are what make his work the perfect addition to a work space, social room, entertainment area or living room.


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