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Designer Spotlight: Meet Caroline Borders

Designer Spotlight: Meet Caroline Borders

We fell in love with Caroline Borders’ Instagram feed because of her beautifully-curated style decks, but stayed because we just can’t wait to see what she does next! A talented designer, artist and tastemaker, Caroline seems to have her hand in a little bit of everything. Read on to see what we mean!

Hi Caroline!  Welcome to LP Spotlight! To start, can you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up and how has your career evolved?

Thank you so much for having me, Liza! I am a Tallahassee, Florida native turned Birmingham, Alabama dweller. I was raised by parents who encouraged our talents and a paternal grandmother that cultivated my love for art at a very early age. In 2013 I graduated from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and pursued a job in advertising upon graduation. Advertising led to styling for various brands, which led to freelance design and a job as an in-house graphic designer for a wedding planning studio. It was during these years I learned client relations, taking concept to creation and the joy of collaborating with others. My background in graphic design was self-taught for the most part. I had always enjoyed watercolor and coupled that with graphics and illustration work when designing, especially for brides. Pattern design became a natural progression during the design process. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see my pattern designs go from paper to fabric for a drapery install and tablecloths. Fast forward to today, these experiences and acquired skills led to working for Douglas C. Davis and Associates as a designer, and the opportunity to collaborate and create with various lifestyle brands on the side.

Caroline Borders


Your decks are simply stunning. How long does it take you to put one together and where do you generally start?

Much like my approach to design I pull inspiration from something that makes a statement— art, an outfit, a fabric pattern, rug, etc. When curating for a brand I am typically approached with a theme and curate their merchandise with layers of unique finds and details that talk back. The process can take anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on the amount of product correlating to the theme and researching details to supplement.

Caroline Borders

Can you explain what has inspired your curated collages?

All the things—interiors, art, tabletop, travel and fashion! I often joke that I don’t know how to rest or that being on my computer is my form of rest (can any other creatives relate!?). Hobbies and work often co-exist, which makes what I do unique. The collages happened by happenstance from a night of curating my favorite things with a concept.  They transport me to a fabulous party on the Amalfi Coast, a Slim Aarons’ photoshoot on a fabulous pool deck, a Wes Anderson movie set, an Americana wild west adventure, and so many more. Hopefully these lifestyle curations transport and inspire others, too.

Caroline Borders


Your work as a designer with Douglas C. Davis takes you inside some of Birmingham’s most beautiful homes. What are some key design elements that elevate a room?

The allure of Birmingham is certainly found in its beautiful architecture, and we are fortunate enough to create lifestyles in these homes working alongside Doug. Thoughtfully curated art and antique pieces elevate any design. Antique furniture, rugs and artwork hold generational stories that stand the test of time. These pieces become the heartbeat of a home and a starting point for a design plan. I love that the brown furniture can be mixed with the new and the realism art juxtaposed to the abstract. If you love something you will always find a special place for it in a space. The rest will follow!

Caroline Borders


What is your favorite color scheme to use for a spring dinner party?

Blue and greens always speak to me. I consider both to be perennial neutrals, but spring is a fun time to play into their hues! Julia Amory’s table linens make the best dinner party backdrops. Lean into the design and incorporate natural, seasonal elements like topiaries or flower stems in silver bud vases to introduce accent color. The intentional layers take it from a dinner party to an experience (a good bar set up and music helps, too, of course)!

Caroline Borders


We have to ask…what’s next for Caroline Borders?

Great question! I recently attended The Southern Coterie which is a conference bringing female makers and doers together with the mission to connect, collaborate and create. I plan to foster this mentality by continuing to work with various brands and creatives through social media content and look forward to seeing what that looks like. We have multiple dynamic projects going on at Douglas C. Davis and Associates which is a continual source of inspiration. This spring/summer holds long awaited installs, traveling for research and developing timeless interior concepts. As a creative I am constantly manifesting new ideas, one being a long-term goal encompassing an adoration for lifestyle and interiors. Stay tuned!

Shop Caroline's 3 Favorite Pieces from

Garden Party by Augusta Wilson

Garden Party | 48" h x 60" w | By Augusta Wilson

Calling Out by Anna Vaughn Kincheloe


Big Populars by Ryan Cannon

Big Poplars | 32" h x 40" w | By Ryan Cannon

 All photography by Caroline Bramlett 

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