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Meet Coley Hull of Coley Home

Meet Coley Hull of Coley Home

After several years of studying and designing textiles in New York, founder Coley Hull made the move back to her hometown of Charlotte to develop her own e-commerce, direct-to-consumer furniture line to fulfill what she saw as a major need:

Buying furniture should never be stressful, and Coley Home brings complete ease to the entire process, start to finish.

Hi Coley! Welcome to LP Spotlight! To start, can you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up and how did your childhood influence your decision to start a furniture line?

Absolutely! I was born and Raised in Charlotte, NC! I moved to New York for a few years after College but am so happy to be back close to my family!

Growing up my Grandmother and Mom worked at a family furniture company and I loved going to Market and looking through fabrics with them. My mom who I owe a lot of my success to has taught me just about everything I know about textiles, furniture, and in typical mom fashion.. everything else!

I was never a bookworm to say the least but loved everything creative. I spend most of my days in the art room and was always dreaming up businesses.I ended up going to NC State (Go Pack!) and studied textile design! For once in my life I kinda liked school..KINDA.. but seriously I learned so much about textiles and how to work photoshop. Which is key in the design world! If you're in school don't leave without learning photoshop and excel!

You launched your company, Coley Home, with a fully-customizable, shippable, no-tools-required, upholstered bed that arrives at your home within 5-10 days. How did you come up with this (genius!) idea?

While in New York I noticed a real need for affordable custom upholstery. Everything was either cheap or completely unaffordable for my age group. Not to mention you might not get it before you move out. I was fascinated with Casper mattresses and was dreaming up ways I could create foam furniture! That is how the Crown Bed was born.

You spent several years in New York studying and designing textiles. Do you still design your own textiles? 

Yes, absolutely! I took a little break while trying to get Coley Home off the ground but we made all the new prints in house! (Botanical, Ditsy, Frenchie, and Ditsy) I hope to continue to do this because it really sets us apart.

What’s next for Coley Home?

This year we went through some massive changes and actually started our own manufacturing company! All our furniture is made in house allowing us to offer unbeatable prices and lead times. This quarter we launched our 2022 collection and expanding into sofas and sectionals! Check it out!

Coley Home

We have to discuss your mascot! Tell us about that cute little Frenchie!

If you can't tell, I am a crazy dog lady! I worked with Happy Menocal on our logo and when we were going through the design process I sent her a picture of Biggie and she said she never suggests using a dog in a logo but for him.. you must! So here we are- a crazy dog brand!

Coley Home

Being a woman-owned business, you have done a great job supporting other women-owned businesses - like Liza Pruitt! Why is that important to you?

That makes me feel so good. Thank you for saying that! I will never forget the people who helped me when I was trying to get off the ground! Thank you @heymadinelson @thenatnote! Starting a business is SO hard especially for all you amazing working moms. As our brand grows I want to help women owned businesses as much as possible. If one post can help someone out I am all in!

Please select your five favorite pieces of art from  

Trust Fund Baby

Trust Fund Baby | 24" h x 18" w | Framed | By Brooke Lancaster

Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama | 48" h x 36" w | Framed | By Erin Tice

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias | 72" h x 48" w | By Keren Toledano

Botanicals by Anna Vaughn

Amethyst | (2) 14" h x 11" w | By Anna Vaughn Kincheloe

Jennifer Pino

White Circle Green Circle | 36" h x 48" w | By Jennifer Pino

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