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How to Start an Art Collection

How to Start an Art Collection

Are you looking to start your own art collection? There are so many amazing works of art waiting to be discovered, and it's never been easier to join the ranks of passionate collectors. In this post we will offer insights into how to get started building an art collection that will bring you joy.

Step 1: Just do it

Want to know the secret to starting your own art collection? Just start. Buying art has a stigma of being intimidating, but if you let go of what you think you should put on your walls and just focus on what you love, the experience is much less daunting. How you purchase art is how you should look at life, just do what makes you happy and drown out the noise. “Buy what speaks to you” is our motto at Liza Pruitt and we know once you purchase that first piece that sparks joy you’ll be open to adding to it.

Artwork by Hillary Howorth

Step 2: Expose yourself 

The more art you see the more you’ll understand what colors, styles, mediums etc you like. Visit your local art galleries and art shows to see pieces up close, allowing you to appreciate the details, colors and techniques used. And don't forget to explore online for an even bigger selection of works that are often more affordable. Online galleries and curators bring together pieces from artists all over the country and world, giving you an opportunity to really develop a taste for what you’re drawn to. 

(P.S. Here are some other great reasons to shop for art online!) 

Step 3: Think outside the box

Art doesn’t have to be paint on a canvas, it can be photography, sculptures and the list goes on. Creating art is most certainly not put into a box and how you create your collection shouldn’t be either. Thinking back to step 2, the more you expose yourself the more you’ll understand how many different forms of art are out there. 

Vases by Genia Rosenblum 

Step 4: Display it 

Similar to what art you buy being all about what you love, how you display it should be too. You may want to start a gallery wall, add small pieces to your bookshelves or hang a piece over your mantle. However you want to showcase your art is the right way. If you need a little help, you can find inspiration online, in magazines and your local framer can help you pick a frame that will really highlight your art as well glass that will best preserve it if needed. Need some tips and tricks on how to hang your art? Check out some of ours here.

Step 5: Be patient 

An art collection takes time and curation and that is part of the fun! Your pieces will start to form a roadmap of your life - maybe you found one piece while traveling, maybe you purchased one piece right after you got married, moved into your first house, for your nursery etc. Your collection will not only fill your walls with beauty but your heart as well. And with all of the wonderful art and life experiences that are out there and to come, is anyone ever really done collecting?

At Liza Pruitt our goal is to make sourcing and buying incredible original art accessible to everyone. We have a thoughtfully curated selection of landscapes, abstracts, sketches and more from our favorite up - and - coming and established artists. Offering a variety of price points and styles, our collections are available to easily view and purchase online. Find something beautiful that speaks to you and your home today!

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