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The Art of the Flower

The Art of the Flower
“Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Andersen 
Lilac | Artist Katie Ré Scheidt
Spring comes on like a surprise. No matter how old you are, the vibrant yellow of the first forsythia or the range of pinks and purples of the ensuing azaleas and irises, followed by the bright reds and glowing whites of roses and cherry blossoms – you are surprised, as if you are a child all over again. 
Carmel | Erin Fuge
Paintings of flowers have been popular for hundreds of years. And they will still be popular 400 years from now because the beauty and perfection of spring and summer flowers remind us of all that is good in the world. 
Tulips in St. Tropez | Lauren Bruce Wodicka
Some of my favorite artists specialize in landscapes, florals, and expressionistic images of nature’s inherent beauty. I am thinking of Cynthia Perryman, Ryan Cannon, Carson Overstreet and Camilla Moss – and others who never fail to create artworks that grace a room with the reminder that the world has perfection in it, along with imperfections. Some famous artworks have even captured the moment when a flower begins to fade, and that moment has beauty as well – encapsulating the cycle of life, and perhaps reminding us to stop by the store for some fresh flowers. 
Hydrangea Study | Christen Yates
The expression “Stop and smell the flowers” has two meanings. One, on its face value means simply don’t forget to enjoy the natural world. But on a deeper level it means “Don’t forget to live in the now, and to pause in the middle of all the hustle and simply enjoy the quiet beauty of a painting you love or a simple vase of grocery store flowers arranged in an empty glass jar. 
Peonies in Old Copper | Cynthia Perryman
Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Some people like realism, some adore bright fantasy, others prefer black and white geometrics – and they are all right. But during this time of year, I love to look at art that reminds me of what is going on outside and know that in the winter, when the trees are bare and black and the grass is brown, and we look to colorful lights and candles to brighten the long dark days, a painting of flowers will always bring me joy. 
Wild Thing | Molly Mansfield
So what is a perfect room? Something different to everyone perhaps. But to me, a room with art that inspires me, a comfortable chair, a good book, and a vase of fresh flowers is about as good a start as one can get. 
Mini Forsythia II | Katie Ré Scheidt
When you are feeling blue someday, try this: look at your favorite artworks online, in a gallery, or at your local museum and watch your spirits lift immediately. Nature and art. Art and nature. They will always be among the very best things about this life – beauty, color, and form.
Sea Holly No. 3 | Jann Edmondson

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